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Scott and Amy Turner
7125 W. Snoqualmie Valley Road
Carnation, Washington 98014

Welcome to Blue Dog Organic Blueberries in Carnation, Washington


Season opens Monday, July 10! Join now!

Blue Dog Farm is a membership-based certified organic u-pick blueberry farm.

Those blueberries are looking great and tasting even better. Now is the time to join so you miss none of our tasty, healthy organic blueberries! So join today! Come right on out!

Here's what you'll find: Birds singing, dawn in the mist... Swallows swirling, cooling sunset temperatures... Finding your own patch of blueberry heaven. We launched the membership format in 2012 to make our berries more accessible to our customers and to foster a relaxed picking atmosphere. If you love local blueberries, you'll love being a member of Blue Dog Farm!

How do I join for 2017?

Check out our membership details below, and if they sound good, come on out! You can sign up in the tent! (And, if you send us an email to tell us you're coming and that you've read our policies, that helps us too! No need to wait for a reply.)

Our number one goal is that food grown responsibly on our farm reaches local eaters.

We are trying every way we can think to keep this food coming, SUSTAINABLY.

And, thank you, all of our interested, loyal customers. Thank you all for your good picking, senses of humor, support and enthusiasm for the food we grow.

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